5th Annual Toss4Dystonia

The doors open at 12:00 noon so you can warm up and be ready to go.  Both tournaments begin at 1:30.  Please be at Riverworks early enough to sign in and learn your starting position.

Sign up for either the Social or Competitive tournament below.

Social Tournament

  • Boards spaced 20 ft. apart
  • Round-robin feeds into a single-elimination, seeded tournament of the top teams
  • Winners select from a collection of nice prizes

Competitive Tournament

  • Boards spaced 27 ft. apart (regulation distance)
  • Round-robin feeds into two separate tournaments, Competitive-A and Competitive-B
  • Competitive-A is seeded, double-elimination from the top teams out of round-robin
  • Competitive-B is seeded, single-elimination of all remaining round-robin teams
  • This means that 100% of Competitive Tournament teams move on from round-robin play
  • Cash prizes in both Competitive levels, however, biggest money is in Comp-A

Both tournaments provide a Good Time for a Great Cause!  We can’t wait to see you there!

The last day to register online is SEPTEMBER 14th!!!

Walk-up registrations accepted until 12:45 pm at the fundraiser, at $20 additional per team.

Don’t forget to tell your friends!!!